6 Celebrities and the Funny T-Shirts They Should Wear

6 Celebrities and the Funny T-Shirts They Should Wear

We all love funny T-shirts and the people who wear them. And if we had our way, celebrities would wear them too. Too many rich and famous people take themselves and their fashion way too seriously, obsessed with either looking glamorous or tough.

So how about being funny instead? Wearing the right funny shirt would help celebrities give off a sense of self-deprecation that could only help their public image. After all, who doesn’t love a person secure enough to make fun of themselves?

Here are a few celebrities that would do well to sport one of the many great shirts from IAmFunnyShirts.com:

Kanye West: “I Like Big Butts” Funny Shirt

I Like Big Butts Vintage Funny T-Shirt

Kanye has been dating Kim Kardashian for years now, even fathering a child with her. So it’s pretty clear that Yeezus does in fact enjoy big butts. So the “I Like Big Butts” funny shirt would be perfect for him, not to mention it’s a lot more interesting than that plain white shirt he wears and sells at $120 a pop.

Tiger Woods: “Where’s My Balls” and “I Hit That” Funny Shirts

Where's My Balls - Golf T-Shirts - Sports T-Shirts - Funny T-Shirts

It’s Tiger’s lucky day! IAmFunnyShirts has not one, but two shirts that celebrate his two favorite things: golf and the ladies. “Where’s My Balls” and “I Hit That” are perfect for a man legendary both on the links and in the sheets.

And at our affordable prices, Tiger could easily afford both, despite all the championship money he’s not won since suffering the worst Thanksgiving of his life.

Jennifer Tilly: “Drop a Deuce” and “Everyday I’m Shufflin’ Funny Shirts

Drop a Deuce Funny T-Shirt

When not busy being a great actress, Jennifer Tilly is busy being an even better poker player. She’s actually won a bracelet at the World Series of Poker, and has won money in major tournaments close to two dozen times. We’re willing to bet she would be proud to walk around with our “Drop a Deuce” or “Everyday I’m Shufflin‘” shirts, especially if she has a good sense of humor.

Hayden Christensen: “Hersith” Funny Shirt

Hersith's: Darth Chocolate - Star Wars Shirts - Geek Shirts - Funny T-Shirts

Earlier, we mentioned how self-deprecation can endear a celebrity to their fanbase. Well, if you’re Hayden Christensen, what better way to mock yourself than by wearing a shirt referencing a role people won’t stop criticizing? Poor Hayden’s run as Anakin Skywalker is looked upon fondly by basically no one, and IAmFunnyShirt’s “Hersith’s Darth Chocolate” shirt is the perfect way for Hayden to turn the tables and let the world know that he’s fine with Anakin being his legacy.

Besides, the mention of chocolate might make his detractors hungry enough to go off in search of candy, thus leaving him alone for once. How can you go wrong with such a convenient arrangement?

Eminem: “That’s Shady” Funny Shirt

That's Shady Vintage Funny T-Shirt

Even though he blurred the line between “Eminem” and “Slim Shady” a long time ago, it would still be a fun throwback to see Marshall Mathers walking around in IAmFunnyShirts’s “That’s Shady” T-shirt. Obviously, Em has a sense of humor, and why wouldn’t he want to remind everybody of his uber-popular alter-ego?

Hey, maybe it would trigger a Slim Shady comeback! It’s been awhile since he spent whole songs ripping on everybody in pop culture, including himself.

Kevin Bacon: “Will Run For Bacon” Funny Shirt

Will Run For Bacon - Running Shirts - Sports T-Shirts - Funny T-Shirts

The one meme that won’t die is “bacon is awesome,” probably because bacon actually IS awesome. So wearing our “Will Run For Bacon” shirt will immediately make you part of the cool crowd. But if Kevin Bacon himself wears it? The world, both on and offline, might literally explode from the awesomeness combo. Then again, it might only figuratively do so, and that’s good enough for us.

Check out all of our funny shirts, whether you’re famous or not.


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