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6 Best Funny Shirts for Musicians

Musicians are cool, and thus must wear cool shirts as well. But wearing some random band’s shirt is just plain unoriginal, and wearing your OWN band’s shirt is just plain arrogant.

Luckily, we at I Am Funny Shirts have a plethora of awesome shirts for musicians (not to mention a plethora of awesome words like “plethora”.) Whether you play metal, rap, pop, classical, or any other genre, our cool, funny, and clever t-shirts will make you even more of a rock star than you already are.


As countless backstage stories over the years have continually proven, musicians and R-rated exploits go together like peanut butter and chocolate. So why not wear a shirt that celebrates the more adult side of rock in a fun and subtle manner, like our “Pluck My G-String” shirt? After all, that cello (or bass, if you prefer) has a g-string that’s just begging to be plucked. That’s all we meant, honestly. What, you thought we meant something else too? You cad.

Hip Hop

Some musicians don’t use instruments to create their sounds — they simply use their voice. If you’re a human beatbox, like the bunny in our “Hip Hop” t-shirt, you’ve got skills that any aspiring rapper will want to associate themselves with. Plus, it’s a fluffy bunny, and who doesn’t love an adorable fluffy bunny? Aside from Elmer Fudd, that is.

Just Beat It

Whether you’re a drummer yourself or just love a good drum beat, chances are you’ll dig our “Just Beat It” shirt. Not only does it remind you of one of the best songs of all time, but it offers up a joke just subtle enough to make you think for a second, but not so obtuse you don’t get it until a week later.

Strung Out

Most professional guitarists cut their strings as close to the tuning knobs as possible. But not doing so just looks so much cooler. Strings just dangling around, clacking and clashing with one another, capture the simplicity of someone just sitting back on their porch, guitar in hand, playing away without a care in the world. Even though someone like that isn’t even close to being “strung out,” this shirt would still be perfect for such an artist.

Hold Me

People who read music can also read funny, as shirts like our “Hold Me” model exemplify. For those unaware, the fermata, or hold, is a direction for the player to, well, hold the note as long as they see fit. And if you see someone in this shirt, you’ll probably want to hold them for as long as you see fit as well. After all, the shirt commands it.

Treble Maker

Finally, we have the “Treble Maker” t-shirt, a combination of sheet music know-how like with “Hold Me,” and a hint of sauciness like with “G-String.” The treble symbol designates those notes in the mid-to-high range, basically anything between bass notes and notes only dogs can hear. And purveyors of treble love trouble just as much as anyone else.

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