5 Boob T-Shirts That You Can't Stop Staring At

5 Boob T-Shirts That You Can’t Stop Staring At

Due to these silly and archaic things called “public decency laws,” boobs must be covered up in the majority of places. Luckily, there are a great many funny T-shirts out there that work hard to make this censorship both hilarious AND sexy. Let’s face it — a shirt will look good on a pair of boobs no matter what, but there’s just something about a funny shirt that highlights the boobs in a funny way that makes it extra special.

The unfortunately-still-common stereotype is that videogamers don’t get the girls. After all, they’re too busy holding a controller in their hands to even think of holding boobs. Well, if any such gamer truly exists, a shirt like this one should go a long way toward making them put down that controller and pick up, well, this one. The best part is, the Boob Controller is totally playable. It won’t control your game though, unless you’re talking about your game in the bedroom.

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, you’re bound to see a funny shirt or ten like this one. With those shamrocks placed as strategically as they are, we’re going to guess she doesn’t actually want you to stop staring. Unless, of course, it means turning your head to the bartender and buying her another round of green beers.

At first glance, this might seem like the simplest, crudest funny boob shirt imaginable — just the word BOOB slapped across the chest by the world’s laziest t-shirt designer. That is, until you get a closer look (which you were probably planning to do anyways.) This is a pretty clever origin story of the word “boob,” showcasing how each part of the word looks like actual boobs, depending on what angle you’re staring at them from. Maybe if THAT bit of word breakdown was part of your typical English class curriculum, we’d have paid more attention in school.

If you stop to think about it, this funny T-shirt doesn’t make actual sense. Men only think about sex every six boobs? What about the other five boobs? Surely they were worthy, on account of being boobs and therefore wonderful. We should go back and study those five boobs once more, and see if we can’t correct that little error.

Of course, if you don’t stop to think about it, it’s sex and boobs on a funny T-shirt. Thinking’s overrated.

Not every boob-related T-shirt has to be sexy or funny. There are a ton of shirts that use the shockingly-popular topic of boobs to remind people that breast cancer is still a very real thing, and that its survivors need as much support as possible. While this shirt refers to it in an irreverent, non-academic manner, it’s not crazy or sexual enough to take away from the very serious message.

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