Easy ways to have more people laugh at you.

6 Easy Ways to Have More People Laugh at You

Comedy can be very serious business. The act of sitting down and writing joke after joke is shockingly hard work; even creating a 10-minute stand-up routine can take a comedian forever to complete.

Luckily for us non-professional jesters, there are plenty of quick and easy ways to make everybody around you giggle. Here are a few, and feel free to create your own as well:

Talk Like a Chipmunk

Easy ways to have more people laugh at you.

Not everybody can do this, but if you can pitch up your voice and talk like Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, then you’ve got a comedy goldmine build right into your throat. You can say just about anything — jokes, political speeches, famous movie lines, news of a beloved pet’s death — and as long as you do it in a squeaky helium tone, people will burst with laughter.

And if you can’t do the chipmunk voice, just about any silly voice will work. Goofy, a bad Seinfeld impression — whatever you can do, as long as it sounds funny, go for it.

Ultimate Warrior Face Paint + My Little Pony Temporary Tattoos

Easy ways to have more people laugh at you.

This one takes at least a modicum of face-painting ability, though not a whole lot. Kids back in the day dressed as the Ultimate Warrior for Halloween all the time, so how hard can it be? Plus, adding My Little Pony tattoos on top of it? The combination is just so goofy and off-the-wall that there’s no way it won’t garner a laugh. Especially if you don’t wait for Halloween, and instead wear it to the grocery store or church.

Fall and Pretend to Hurt Yourself

Easy ways to have more people laugh at you.

If elaborate face paint and silly voices aren’t your thing, the old-fashioned pratfall is always a crowd-pleaser. From Dick Van Dyke to the Jackass crew, people falling down and hurting themselves never ceases to entertain, especially if they find creative and entertaining ways to go boom.

Of course, you don’t have to go the Jackass route and actually hurt yourself. That would be stupid. Find a nice, soft place to fall, protect your head, and overdo the acting. People won’t laugh if the legitimately think you’ve harmed yourself, but if you start flopping around like a dead fish after doing a banana-peel slip onto a gym mat, they’re pretty likely to get the joke.

Forget How to Eat an Ice Cream Cone

Easy ways to have more people laugh at you.

Here’s another simple, yet silly way to make yourself the butt of a joke. Everybody knows how to eat ice cream: put in mouth, bite, swallow, yum. If you don’t do that, and instead shove the ice cream into your forehead or arm or any other place where mouths do not reside, people are bound to crack a smile and laugh at your silliness. Or pity your stupidity. It all depends on how well they now you, really.

Offer to Make Pancakes, Serve Your Guests Unmixed and Uncooked Batter

Easy ways to have more people laugh at you.

This one doubles as a great way to test people and see if they’re paying attention. The next time it’s your turn to make breakfast, offer to make pancakes. Then, in a bowl, dump the powdered mix, the egg, the milk, and whatever else you put into the batter (chef’s tip: sugar and vanilla flavoring make a good pancake GREAT), but don’t mix anything. Then, simply place the bowl onto table and invite everyone to dig in. Once everybody realizes what you’ve done, a good laugh shall be had by all.

Careful though — if there’s another joker in your circle, they might attempt to one-up you by eating the proto-pancake. If so, let them. They’ve earned the victory. Besides, it won’t hurt them; sure it’s disgusting, but it’s still food.

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Of course, the easiest way to make people laugh is to pick up a funny T-shirt or ten from Iamfunnyshirts.com, wear them (but only one at a time, or else you’ll get hot,) and let the giggles commence! With 170 shirts, and more added all the time, you’ll never run out of jokes and punchlines. Plus this way, you get to eat ice cream correctly for once!

Unless you still don’t want to. After all, an ice cream forehead’s pretty damn funny.