5 of the funniest t-shirts seen on old people

5 of the Funniest T-shirts Seen on Old People

When we think of people who wear funny t-shirts, old people are not typically the first to come to mind. Or the second. Or the 27th, really. For many of us, old people wear well-ironed, sensible shirts that look good with a pair of well-ironed, sensible slacks. What would they consider a funny shirt anyway? An Abbott and Costello routine? That would require an XXXXXXXL, at the very least.

But we were so, so wrong. Old people can be some of the funniest people on the planet, and they have the t-shirts to back them up! Here are some of our favorite funny shirts worn by the Greatest (and Most Hilarious) Generation.

Funniest T-shirts seen on old people

If you saw an old person wearing this shirt, you’d either applaud them for such an awesome visual pun, or boo them for such a horrific visual pun. It all depends on what kind of humor you’re into, really. But either way, any old person wearing this funny shirt (who we’re guessing won’t look much like the 30-something model pictured above) probably won’t care. Their only goals are to remind you that old people do indeed rock, and to get home, sit down, and rock all night.

Funniest T-shirts seen on old people

Yes, old people have sex. Get over it, and learn to love it. If you don’t, then the old people will be more than happy to remind you about it until you do. Funny shirts like this one are a big help in that regard, reminding us that not only is bald beautiful, it’s downright seductive.

OK, you can quit gagging anytime. Your queasy stomach won’t stop that old man from getting his sex on tonight. Seriously, look at his face. He knows what’s going to happen, and he knows that you know what’s going to happen. Why else would he so proudly wear that shirt?

Funniest T-shirts seen on old people.

You can do anything you want upon retirement. Or, even better, you can do nothing at all. That’s clearly what’s on the mind of any old person wearing this funny shirt. To them, retired simply means tired again, and there’s only one cure for that — a quick nappy-poo followed by an even longer nappy-poo. While wearing this shirt, of course. You can’t be properly re-tired without it.

Funniest T-shirts seen on old people

Once you get to a certain age, it’s a wonder you even remember to put on clothes at all. But if you do, then make sure it’s a funny shirt that commemorates … something. It was probably something. But hell if you can remember what it was. Oh well, maybe it’ll come back to you some other time.

Funniest T-shirts seen on old people

And finally, we have perhaps the most perfect FU to arrogant young people ever designed. The old person in the picture is fat, diabetic, and at first glance completely out of shape. Yet here you are, staring at him from behind because he’s going faster and finishing better than you ever could.

He doesn’t even care that there are people ahead of HIM. They’re probably nice and respectful, so it’s OK to lose to them. But you? The whippersnapper who thought old people weren’t funny, never had sex, and could barely move? You not only deserve to lose, but to have the loss rubbed in your face by a sweat-soaked t-shirt whose owner way funnier than you.

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