The greatest Star Wars t-shirts in the galaxy

The Greatest Star Wars T-Shirts in the Galaxy

By this point in time, it’s just about impossible to find anyone who isn’t at least aware of Star Wars. More often than not, they’re not only aware, they love it. Prequel trilogy aside, Star Wars has become an iconic piece of pop culture; one that has stood the test of time for over 35 years. Very likely, it will remain iconic for another 35 years, and then another 35 after that, all the way until the human race crumples and every bastion of our civilization gets roasted to ashes by an increasingly volatile Sun.

But that’s a long, long time from now. Instead, let’s focus on a long, long time ago, and celebrate a handful of awesome Star Wars T-Shirts that showcase the massive influential the series has had on us all. Even when it invades other franchises, like on these shirts, the Force remains dominant.

The greatest Star Wars t-shirts in the galaxy

Even though the Beatles were around before Star Wars, the Empire still manages to take full control of this image. After all, you don’t see John or Paul anywhere here, do you?

A clear takeoff of the Beatles’ classic Abbey Road album, a shirt like this is guaranteed to delight both the sci-fi nerd AND the classic rocker in you. The only way this could have been any better of a shirt is if the Stormtrooper in Paul’s position were shoeless, just like the Dead Beatle was. Though perhaps clones don’t actually have feet.

The greatest Star Wars t-shirts in the galaxy

Chances are very good that if you love the Legend of Zelda, you also love Star Wars, making this one of the coolest shirts you will ever slide onto your chest.

Much like with Stormtrooper Road above, this shirt is a clear parody of Zelda’s famous “Take This” scene that brings Link his very first sword. But where is Link? Exactly – this shirt is all about the Star Wars. Obi-Wan bestows the lightsaber upon Luke, while droids look on as opposed to random fireballs that mysteriously attack you if you dare hit them.

The greatest Star Wars t-shirts in the galaxy

If you love this Star Wars t-shirt premise, you can thank Harrison Ford and his quick thinking. After Leia tells Han Solo she loves him, he was originally supposed to simply reply “I love you too.” This fit Solo about as well as a frilly dress and a good cry would, and luckily Ford knew it. On the fly, he changed his line to “I know,” which was pretty much the only thing a rogue like Solo should say once people start throwing around the L word.

This dual-shirt combo might not make much sense when separated, but when two people (lovers or otherwise) wear them in unison, the result is one of the best jokes in all of T-Shirt Land.

The greatest Star Wars t-shirts in the galaxy

Finally, we have a Darth Vader shirt that showcases the man’s rarely-seen sensitive side. He’s not trying to fatally strangle those who disobey or disappoint him – he simply wants to hug them! Unfortunately, his mind has been warped through years and years of emotional and mental torment (not to mention how getting boiled alive in a pit of lava tends to linger on one’s psyche for quite a long while,) so he doesn’t quite remember what a hug is. All he remembers is that it involves holding somebody tightly, so … close enough?

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