Spring Wardrobe: The Sense of Humor Collection

It’s springtime, which means it’s time to ditch the jacket and extra layers, and proudly walk around in nothing but funny T-shirts (and pants. We still have laws, sadly.)

There’s a lot to love about the coming of spring, and we’ve found some great T-shirts that advertise each of these things in hilarious detail.



Spring Wardrobe The sense of humor collection


Even though he average game takes too damn long now, baseball is still America’s pastime. And what better way to celebrate that than with a funny shirt (especially if you can’t play?)

In addition to reminding passers-by that it’s ball-whacking season once again, this shirt provides us with an all-important double pun. Bats? Foul play? Pure genius. Puns on their own can be annoying, but if somebody clearly puts a lot of thought into them, and gives us more than one at a time, the annoyance does a complete 180 and turns into laughter and possible applause.

And it’s a lot more clever than making yet another “balls” joke. Y’know, like the one we just made up above. We’re not proud of ourselves.


Spring Wardrobe The sense of humor collection

Springtime brings flowers, and even if you don’t like them in your house, you have to love seeing them outside. Stopping to smell the flowers can help brighten the mood of even the surliest of people.

As for the surliest T-Rex, that’s another story. Those stubbly forearms of theirs wouldn’t let them do anything, as this shirt so tragically describes. Picking flowers was an impossibility for them, which might explain why they were so angry and determined to eat all the other dinosaurs. If evolution had given these poor beasts actual limbs and let them indulge in some prime aromatherapy, maybe they would’ve spared a Triceratops or two here and there.


Spring Wardrobe The sense of humor collection

Isn’t Easter the best? Just that cute little bunny hopping along, pooping out painted eggs for all (that IS how they’re created, right?). Who could possibly screw that innocent image up?

The funny t-shirt industry, that’s who! Here we see the poor Easter Bunny recreating Silence of the Lambs, and he ain’t Hannibal. Nope, he’s the poor girl stuck in a pit, slowly starved and tortured to death by the sadistic Buffalo Bill. He better comply with Bill’s wishes, unless he wants to get the hose again. We’re assuming that the hose sprays pastel-colored dye, which at least helps this scene retain SOME whimsicality.

Spring Break

Spring Wardrobe The sense of humor collection

Spring Break is awesome, but few of their T-shorts are actually that funny. Most are just variations on the “YEAH BRO GONNA GET HAMMERED AND SCORE SOME BABES WOOOOO” mentality, which is about as funny as chewing on an entire ghost pepper.

But this shirt seems fun, and practical. After all, when you’re hungover, how much of your to-do list are you actually going to remember? That’s why this shirt exists. You can just wake up, stare into the mirror, and have it remind you of exactly what you need to do that day. There may have more been more things on your list, but this shirt covers the most important one by far.

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