Golf T-Shirts

How the Right Golf T-Shirt Can Give You an Advantage on the Course

Usually, when thinks “golf shirt,” they think of those collared, solid color, bore-fests that sensible people wear when they want to look nice but not TOO nice. They’re the epitome of business-casual, which you might recognize as a popular euphemism for “boring.”

As it turns out though, golf shirts don’t have to be so stuffy. They can be downright funny, and collar-less, which makes them regular shirts. Funny shirts, at that. Hey, that’s right up our alley, isn’t it? In fact, not only will wearing a funny t-shirt make people laugh, it might even help your performance on the course. The other players will be so distracted by your chest jokes that they’ll completely forget how ball-hitting works. As long as you don’t as well, you’ll be champion in no time!

Let’s see what’s out there in the wide world of funny golf t-shirts …

The right golf t-shirt can give you an advantage on the course

Shirts like these are always fun. From a distance, it looks like you’re the world’s greatest golfer. After all, it’s very rare to pull off a hole-in-one, even among professionals. And YOU got one? Well done, good sir!

Of course, the viewer’s appreciation quickly dissipates as they move in closer, and read the tiny text that reveals the whole story. In its place however, is a new kind of appreciation: that for your sense of humor. After all, it takes a brave soul to admit that, despite spending countless hours on the links, you are perhaps the worst golfer in recorded history.

The right golf t-shirt can give you an advantage on the course

We’re all aware of the evolution timeline, with the monkey gradually turning into a man. But usually it ends with some generic homosapien walking around, showing off his rippling muscles and looking for a bear to hunt and kill. Can’t humanity do better than that though? Haven’t we evolved any since 15,000 years back?

This funny shirt certainly thinks so, presenting the pinnacle of evolution as a guy swinging his golf club, perhaps desperately hoping to make par for the first time all year. And really, doesn’t that sound more fun than walking around with a spear or club, trying to make food out of something that thinks you look quite tasty yourself? Thought so.

The right golf t-shirt can give you an advantage on the course

Though wearing a t-shirt with Tiger Woods shouting MASHED POTATOES for no good reason is perfectly hilarious sans context, we feel a little explanation is necessary regardless.

A few years ago, during one of Tiger’s appearances, some random joker decided to exclaim his pleasure at a good shot by yelling “mashed potatoes!” at the top of his lungs. Why he chose that particular dish instead of, oh, glazed ham, nobody knows. But the catchphrase was an immediate hit, repeated several times over by several random people regardless of who was golfing, and quickly became an Internet meme in its own right.

It’s absurd, stupid, and makes no sense whatsoever. In other words, it’s the perfect t-shirt!

The right golf t-shirt can give you an advantage on the course

This funny shirt highlights how there are two things to consider when pursuing a purchase of the perfect putter — how well it hits the ball, and how easily you can chuck it into the lake in pure frustration after the ball misses the hole for the tenth time in a row.

A putter is an outlet for a golfer’s abusive tendencies, since it’s illegal to throw your caddy into the water whenever something bad happens. Don’t accidentally buy one that’s too heavy for you, or you’ll never be able to properly express your rage at how stupid that stupid ball is acting today.