Funny pairs of pants that will make your Funny Shirts funnier

4 Funny Pairs of Pants That Will Make Your Funny Shirts Even Funnier

We all love funny shirts and have a plethora of them for any occasion. But so often, we don’t think about the other parts of our bodies, namely our legs. This needs to change.

You could have the greatest, funniest t-shirt around, but if our pants are just straight-up boring jeans or cargo, then the package just seems incomplete. While you COULD eschew pants entirely, and simply focus on funny shirts and nothing else, we don’t recommend it. Laws are laws after all, and cops don’t have much of a sense of humor, sadly.

Nope, if you’re going to make yourself look silly, you need to go all the way. Here are a few wacky pants that would significantly add to the comedy your funny shirt collection brings out every day of the week.

Funny pairs of pants that will make your Funny Shirts funnier

Quite often, being funny also means being a little naughty. And also we have these pants, which make your butt look like the back of a Peugeot, a French luxury car that you probably can’t afford.

But that’s OK, because you could certainly afford these pants. Just keep in mind that by wearing them, you’re pretty much guaranteeing that everybody who sees you will be staring at your ass. Whether they’re hot or not, it doesn’t matter — they will look, and then look again. They’ll probably also laugh, which is a good thing in this case, unlike most other times when people laugh at your butt.

Funny pairs of pants that will make your Funny Shirts funnier

If you DO find yourself having an issue with people staring at your butt because of your funny pants, then simply have your butt stare back at them. This unique pair of pants comes complete with a giant, all-knowing, all-seeing eye splashed square on the rump, daring all who come near to gaze into its hypnotic iris and do its bidding. It also gives a whole new meaning to the term “stink eye.”

On top of that, what ARE those pants made of? Wood? Lincoln Logs? And do they have FEET, like the favorite pajamas of an adorable two-year-old? So many questions, yet no answers. That eye may be all-knowing, but it ain’t offering any answers.

Funny pairs of pants that will make your Funny Shirts funnier

Want to be both funny AND practical? Doll yourself up in some picnic pants! They obviously look funny as hell — like you took a kangaroo pouch and stuck it between your legs — but they might actually come in handy one day. Don’t have a table but don’t want to eat off the floor for some reason? Eat out of your pants! Arms tired from holding your baby for too long? Let them lounge in the pouch of your pants while you have a relaxing sit.

The possibilities are endless, and all are very silly indeed. Sounds win-win to us!

Funny pairs of pants that will make your Funny Shirts funnier

And then we have these. They seem kind of trendy among the younger crowd, presumably because some pretty person on some Disney Channel show wore them one time. For the rest of us though, they can be pure comedy. How can anyone wear what looks like waist-high pro wrestling boots and NOT garner more laughter than even Louis CK? Especially since the feet are attached, much like the Butt Eye pants from earlier. It’s just as silly here.

Those laces are real too, so if you want to add even more yuks, we suggest untying them and letting them hang free. The slapstick that will arise from trying to walk around while constantly tripping over 20 feet of flapping string sounds absolutely classic.

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