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6 Perfect Hockey Shirts for the NHL Playoffs

With the NHL playoffs upon us, it’s time to break out the appropriate chestwear. But a simple, boring team jersey won’t get the eyes popping and the tongues flapping. No, for that you need a funny hockey t-shirt, one that expresses your equal love for humor and missing teeth.

If you’re unsure of what to look for in a hockey shirt, here are some suggestions, including a couple great ideas from the IAmFunnyShirts penalty box:

Hockey shirts

One of the main reasons people don’t like hockey is because it’s too violent. That’s also a big reason a lot of people don’t want to play hockey. This shirt, on the other hand, make it perfectly clear that while getting socked in the jaw might not be fun, it’s a better fate than just plain sucking at life. So instead of cowering in the corner, you get out there and fight. If they hit you, you hit them back even harder. That’s hockey in a nutshell.

Well, that and the points. They’re pretty important too.

Hockey shirts

Oh right, we forgot the other important element of hockey: facial hair. 34 years ago, the New York Islanders decided to grow their beards out for good luck during their playoff run. Since this bit of camaraderie resulted in four consecutive Stanley Cups, the idea that beards = titles quickly caught on.

Fans love to grow their beards out in support of their favorite team as well, despite the fact that only one team per year gets enough good luck from them to raise the Cup. Still, it’s a time-honored tradition that deserves immortality in this awesome hockey t-shirt. Millions upon millions of itchy necks can’t be wrong.

Hockey shirts

Hockey tends to bring out a more primal, savage, and just plain entertaining side of even the calmest, most gentle of wallflowers. This shirt perfectly exemplifies this phenomenon. Even the sweetest, giggliest girl on the planet turns into a screaming psychopath the second hockey begins and their team is winning, losing, stuck in a tie, or just doing anything, really.

For added comedy, the male hockey nut in your family should totally wear this shirt. It’ll bring out their eyes.

Hockey shirts

Do you know anyone so into their hockey team they’d kill for a Stanley Cup? Hand them this shirt to wear, so that they may feel less alone with their homicidal tendencies.

On another note, five minutes in the penalty box would be more of a punishment than Jason ever got in any of his movies. He never went to jail, and killing him only made him return stronger than ever. Would he learn his lesson, or would he simply respond by beheading the opposing goalie like a good little goon?

Hockey shirts

And finally we have two hockey shirts straight from Both are slightly juvenile, but that’s why we like ’em! Besides, jokes like this are par for the course when you follow a sport that revolves around a dozen dudes handling long, hard, wooden sticks all night long.

Also, the Stick in a Box shirt helps get that Justin Timberlake song stuck in our heads, and we can think of many worse fates than that. Like our team losing because our Lucky Beard shirt was in the wash that day.

Have a great idea for a funny hockey shirt we don’t feature? Submit it here and if we like it, we’ll pay you $150 for it!