Funny t-shirt

5 Awkward Messages It’s Easier to Deliver Through a Funny T-Shirt

Many of us are not good at confrontation, so when something happens that’s awkward or weird or just plain wrong, we’re not comfortable speaking up about it.

Luckily, thanks to funny t-shirts, we don’t really have to. We can just wear shirts with funny sayings that accurately tell the people around us what’s going on. Perhaps, if the perpetrator of said weird happening sees the shirt and gets the point, they’ll turn around and do something about it. And if not, just make sure to wear that shirt every single time you see them until they get the hint.

Funny t-shirt

Does your hubby insist he has the answer to everything, even if the answer is obviously wrong? Calling him out on his carnival barker-level is BS could get awkward, especially if you have to do it all the damn time.

So instead of wasting your breath, why not change into this sarcastic t-shirt every time he starts spouting off fiction like it’s fact? There’s a real good chance it’ll shut his piehole once and for all, especially if he gets the hint enough to go onto Google and look up the answers himself. Once he realizes that he’s incredibly wrong, and the President of the United States does NOT have the power to raise bread prices after all, maybe he’ll finally stop drawing conclusions based on the first thing that pops into his head and sounds remotely plausible.

And fellas, we haven’t forgotten about you:

Funny t-shirt

Because women are quite good at pretending they know everything too.

Funny t-shirt

Telling someone they might have had a bit too much wine to drink, and that they do so pretty much every day, is not the easiest thing to do. So ease into it with this t-shirt design, where you gently rib them for their wine-heavy diet by asking them if liquefied, alcoholic grapes count as part of the Food Pyramid. If they laugh, awesome. If they get angry or violent, that’s the denial talking.

Funny t-shirt

And now for an all-purpose “shut up already” t-shirt. If somebody’s just spouting off stupid, useless blather that would be far more entertaining if they said them far away from you, this shirt should get your message of aggravation across real quick-like.

Just be prepared for them to not get the joke if they’re truly brain-dead. They might even look you dead in the eye and ask, “What’s it mean to not give a mouse’s donkey? Is that some new slang that the kids are into these days?”

If this happens, don’t give it away. Don’t explain the joke, because you shouldn’t need to. Let them figure it out on their own, and then let them figure out why you were wearing it around them.

Funny t-shirt

And finally, here’s one of our own t-shirts! Whether it’s the plumber or the wannabe gangsta kid down the block who thinks he’s the second coming of Tupac, wearing this classic bit of dirty wordplay on your chest will almost certainly remind them to pull up their damn pants.

If the next time you see them, they’re still walking around sporting more crack than Rob Ford, just don the shirt again. Then again if you have to. Drive the point home until you’ve trained them to buy some tighter pants, or at least a damn belt.

Many of our t-shirts could double as a subtle message to somebody bothering you. Check them all out here!