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4 Funny T-Shirts You Don’t Want to Get from Your Ex

Few things are more awkward than running into your ex, especially if the relationship ended on a less-than-pleasant note. Things get even more awkward when they decide to gift you one final present, in the form of a funny t-shirt.

Usually, funny shirts are a great gift to receive, but not in this case. A shirt from your ex is probably not going to make you laugh, since the message will likely tell you off one last time.

So if your ex sees you and presents you with a shirt-sized box, pray that the funny message included is not …

Funny t-shirts you don't want to get from your ex

Did you lie from the start of your relationship to its final day? Did you constantly promise you’d be home by 9 PM but then stay out with your buddies until 9 AM the following Tuesday? Did you then lie and blame it on a faulty clock? Then you’re no mere human, and no mere liar: you are SUPER LIAR, and your super-fibbing is about to be recognized with a funny t-shirt that we’re guessing you will never wear.

In case you do though, feel free to include a cape with your favorite go-to tall tale embroidered on the front. Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a guy who keeps claiming he’ll cook dinner and never does!

Funny t-shirts you don't want to get from your ex

Plenty of relationships ended because one party simply drove the other one too crazy for them to continue. If your ex hands you this shirt, you can be sure that this was the case with yours. Apparently, your knack for saying the same thing over and over and over again, getting progressively louder with each repetition, grew grating on your once-lover. And so they left for some peace and quiet, returning only to slag you off in shirt form.

Also, this shirt’s a double insult. Not only are a loud-mouthed schnook, but so is your mother? How rude.

Funny t-shirts you don't want to get from your ex

You never want to be known as the “crazy one” in a relationship, but if you end up with this shirt post-breakup, then perhaps you were. Did you ever snap on your partner for daring to put oregano in the pasta sauce when you specifically told them you hated oregano? Did you throw a tantrum if they came home five minutes later than they said they would? Then this shirt is, sad to say, ideal for you.

Funny t-shirts you don't want to get from your ex

And finally, we at offer up FU shirts of our very own! Here’s one of our favorites — a nice, subtly funny reference that nobody wants to be on the receiving end of. If an ex hands you a “Gold Digger” shirt, it’s their way of accusing you of only dating them for their money, dumping them once you realized they didn’t have a lot of it, and that you’re a pathetic loser for it.

Maybe you can hook up with the old-timey miner featured on your brand-new t-shirt. He seems quite well off, and more than eager to make you happy. Of course, once the gold mine runs dry (as gold mines are wont to do) you’ll move right on to the next money mark. You can’t help it; it’s in your nature.

Do you have a retaliatory message in mind for your ex? Let’s extensive collection of funny (and stinging) t-shirts do the talking for you!