Tennis shirt

5 Shirts That Perfectly Describe Your Tennis Game

Tennis is the game of sophisticated gentlemen, refined ladies, and privileged white kids who hire people to read their funny online lists for them. We kid, we kid – we’re just saying that because we’re jealous of your tennis skills. While you’re out there rallying away, we can barely get the ball over the net. But when it comes to making tennis shirts, we’re second to none. So the next time you hit the court, make sure you do it in comfort and style. 

5. Tennis is For LOVEers

Tennis shirt 

“Lose the zero and get with me,” you probably shouldn’t say to your tennis opponent, because that’s both an awkward pickup line and an invitation for them to score on you (and not in the good way). That’s why we came up with this “Tennis is For LOVEers” shirt. It lets you focus on your tennis game while your clothes do the romantic talking for you. It’s also perfect for couples who play doubles, so long as you promise not to lay it on too thick. 

4. Love Means Nothing

Tennis shirt 

We’ve got a tennis shirt for less romantic players, too. “Love Means Nothing”  is true in tennis – whether it’s true elsewhere is totally up to you. It is satisfying to send someone a dark and depressing existential message while you’re also beating them at a game, but don’t be surprised if by wearing this shirt you abruptly find yourself thrown into a wacky, whirlwind romance in true romantic comedy style. We can’t guarantee that will happen, of course. We’re just saying it’s an ironic possibility. 

3. Tightly Strung

Tennis shirt 

Unless you’re playing doubles, there’s no one a tennis player can blame their errors on except themselves. It’s no wonder it’s a game that features thrown rackets, angry outbursts and profane rants, and we’re just talking about our weekend pickup games. But there’s nothing wrong with showing emotion on the court, and now you can let your opponent know it’s coming with the “Tightly Strung” shirt. If you’re going to double fault, you might as well do it in style. 

2. Nothing but Net

Tennis shirt 

Tennis is your game. You play every weekend, you work it into casual conversation, and when you watch a Grand Slam you actually understand what the commentators are talking about. Let the world know what you love with a “Nothing But Net” tennis shirt, because indeed, there is nothing more important to you than getting out in front of that net for a few hours.

Alternatively, you could use this shirt to let your opponent know that you suck at tennis but are able to laugh about. Whichever’s appropriate for you!

1. Hacker

Tennis shirt 

Speaking of a winking nod to your own ineptitude, the “Hacker” tennis shirt combines a love of the game with the modesty and humility of admitting that you’re not too great at it. And that’s a good thing – no one wants to play with the guy who smashes serves into their face like bullets, they want to hit the court with someone who’s going to have a smile on their face even if they lose. This shirt will make you look good, literally and figuratively.

Although you could also use this shirt to hustle games. “Well, as you can tell from my shirt I’m not very good, but I guess I could be talked into a little bet … ” We wouldn’t condone such actions, mind you. We’re just saying.