Funny t-shirts

5 Funny T-Shirts That Might Help Your Chances with the Ladies

Even the best of us could use a little help every now and then when it comes to romance. So for the single guys in our readership, while we can’t guarantee that wearing our funny t-shirts will get you a date, we are confident in saying that you’ll get more looks from the ladies … and maybe one of them will even want to take you out of the shirt. 

5. Running is for Lovers

Funny t-shirts 

Is there a cute girl on your running route that you’d love to stop and chat up, but you can’t because gasping out something that sounds like a cross between “hi” and hacking up a throat full of marbles while you’re gulping in air isn’t the greatest pickup line? Let your shirt do your talking for you by saying that you don’t just know how to run – you know how to love. Then throw a piece of paper with your number on it at her. Or something, look, we can’t figure out every step for you.

4. Physics Turns Me On

Funny t-shirts 

If the only running you do is between your lab projects, then our “Physics Turns Me On” shirt is perfect for getting the attention of girls who could calculus you under the table any day (is that what physicists do? We’re kind of dumb). Wear it to show off your appreciation of both humor and intelligence. Because really, is there any better combination? 

3. I Go Down

Funny t-shirts 

This shirt shows off your love of both skiing and another activity that involves going down. If you don’t get it, we’ll explain it to you when you’re older. For now let’s just say it involves a different kind of sport that usually requires teams of two people. You could say it rhymes with “Tex-Mex.” It’s a sex joke. This shirt tells women you’re good at sex. 

2. Let’s Rock

Funny t-shirts 

A concert makes for a great date, which is why our “Let’s Rock” shirt lets you show off your love of both rock music and getting out there and doing awesome things. After all, “Let’s rock” is pretty much the perfect thing to say before any number of sweet happenings. About to hit the town for the night? Let’s rock! About to rob a bank? Let’s rock! About to seduce a woman? Let’s rock, followed by a wink and/or a raised eyebrow. The possibilities are endless. 

1. Vulcan in the Streets… Klingon in the Sheets

Funny t-shirts 

Depending on the sort of person you are, you’re either staring blankly at your screen in confusion or having a hearty chuckle as you nod and say, “Yes, I am indeed both of those things.” Help your chances with the nerdy ladies by advertising that you like sci-fi and double entendres. And for those of you who think this shirt is too nerdy, well… just remember that Kirk had a reputation as a ladies’ man for a reason. 

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