Surf shirts

5 Surf Shirts Perfect for the Beach

“Surf’s Up!” 

We’re pretty sure no one actually yells that outside of movies, not that we’d know because the outdoors intimidate us. Look, the point is that we have a bunch of awesome surf shirts we’d like to show you. Check it: 

5. Go Commando

Surf shirts 

If there’s one thing about surfing we do know, it’s that wearing underwear underneath your swim trunks makes you look ridiculous. So go on and let it literally all hang loose, and spread the word that others should, too. You’ll thank us when people are complimenting you on your surfing style instead of making fun of your fashion sense.

4. Hang Loose, Bro

Surf shirts 

Of course, it’s equally important to let it all hang loose in a figurative sense, and this surf shirt will get that message across loud and clear when you hit the beach. It’s summer, you’re on the warm sand and looking to ride some waves… life can’t be much better. Relax and send a message of relaxation in style. What more do you need?

3. Doing Swell

Surf shirts 

And how would a relaxed surfer answer when someone asks how they’re doing? “Doing swell!” they’d respond, probably while giving a thumbs up and a wink, or maybe the double finger guns. Now you can tell everyone on the beach that at once. “I am doing swell, which is both a reference to my state of mind and also the fact that I enjoy surfing,” the shirt says, implicitly. And then you’ll take the shirt off in Baywatch style slow-motion and get out on the water. Aw, yeah. 

2. I’m Bringing Sexy Wax

Surf shirts 

Maybe this shirt is just a pun. Or maybe you’re literally going to wax your board while the sun shines on your flexing bronze muscles. Water splashes over you, and half the beach stops and stares as you shake it out of your perfect hair in a way that messes it up and yet somehow only makes it look more perfect. Maybe the shirt gets wet, and you have to take it off in that two-handed way that hot people always use. The sun’s setting now, and your rippling body is just a silhouette against the beautiful ocean … but it’s not the ocean people are looking at, oh no. Yeah. That’s one sexy wax. 

1. Save a Wave, Ride a Surfer

Surf shirts 

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Save a horse, ride a cowboy,” but why should cowboys have all the fun? Waves need saving, too! Okay, they don’t, at least not in this sense – while the health of our oceans is an important environmental concern, literally “riding” a wave is perfectly safe. Saving the waves is actually accomplished by preventing the dumping of garbage and other pollutants into the ocean, as they can … wait, where were we? Right, shirts, yeah. This shirt will totally get you laid.

Are you a surfer with an awesome idea for a t-shirt? Or do you have a great idea but have refused to approach the water ever since you saw Jaws? Either way, we’d love to hear about it on our Facebook page!