Novelty t-shirts

5 Novelty T-Shirts Guaranteed to Get Looks

Whether they admit it or not, most people pick their clothes based on what they think will make them look good in public. Maybe they want to stand out in a crowd, maybe they want to look professional and powerful, or maybe they want to look stone cold sexy. We don’t know what look you’re going for, but whatever it is we do know that our novelty t-shirts will help you get looks.

5. In the Club

Novelty t-shirts 

It’s an exclusive, almost mythical club. Don’t act coy – you know what we’re talking about. Whether you’re in it or not, people will see this shirt and wonder. They’ll look at you and ask themselves if you seem like the sort of person who would be in the club. If they’re especially curious and bold, they might come right out and ask. Then you can invite them to come with you and find out.

4. On a Beer Run

Novelty t-shirts 

Maybe you’re someone who prefers a different kind of party. Our “On a Beer Run” novelty t-shirt will let everyone who sees you know that there are good times happening, and that the only way to find them is to follow you. After all, you’re going to get beer. And then you’re almost certainly going to take that beer to a place where it will be drunk. All they have to do is keep up with you. We’re betting that ain’t easy. 

3. Sorry for Partying

Novelty t-shirts 

“Just kidding,” this shirt implicitly also says. You’re not really sorry. You’re the life of the party, and that’s a sacred responsibility that you take seriously. Partying isn’t all fun and games – it takes work to party as hearty as you do. But it’s work you do gladly, because you know deep down that this is your calling in life. If you’re sorry for anything, it’s that you didn’t invite more people to the party. But this novelty t-shirt will let everyone know exactly where the party is. It’s wherever you are.

2. Late Night Organ Donor

Novelty t-shirts 

“Excuse me, but I don’t understand your shirt,” an innocent young man or woman will one day come up to you and say. “What does it mean?”

“Well,” you’ll reply, “as I’m sure you know, the decision to be an organ donor is a long and hard one. Being a late night organ donor is harder still because sometimes, at odd hours, someone very special to you will need, will crave an organ they don’t have. And it’s your solemn responsibility to give it to them.”

“I think I understand,” they will say in a shy voice, for they are suddenly impressed and intimidated by your medical prowess. 

“Well then. Do you want to be an organ … recipient?” you’ll ask. And then the two of you will go somewhere private, to fill out the paperwork. 

1. Dangerous

Novelty t-shirts 

You’re a dangerous person. People know that because it says so right on your shirt. Would a person who isn’t dangerous wear a shirt that says they are? We didn’t think so.

Dangerous people get looks. Dangerous people get respect. If you’re dangerous you attract the kind of people who like the bad boy or girl look. If you’re dangerous you live a lifestyle that people envy from afar. Are you that kind of person? Yeah. That’s what we thought. 

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