5 T-Shirts That Show You’re Not Ashamed of Being a Nerd

Gone are the days when being a nerd meant getting beaten up on the playground. Nerds are cool now, which means there’s no better time to show off just how big of one you are. Let loose your love of gaming, science or any other nerdy topic you can think of with one of these nerdy t-shirts. 

5. You Bohr Me


Ah, Neils Bohr. Scientist, philosopher, and now the defender of your torso. We could write an entire list about his contributions to physics and chemistry if we were smart enough to understand them, but the man won the Nobel Prize, which is serious nerd cred right there.

Our “You Bohr Me” shirt features Neils’ mug and the Bohr model of the atom, a pun that will attract lovers of science and discourage people who don’t get the joke from talking to you. Which is great, because who would want to talk to those losers?

4. Keep it Real


If you want your nerd shirt to get even more obscure, then maybe our “Keep it Real” model is for you. After all, what is physics but a bunch of applied math anyway? Your fellow mathematicians will get the shirt’s reference to real and imaginary numbers, while non-nerds will think you’re wearing the logo of some hip new clothing company they haven’t heard of yet. Either way, you’re dressed to impress. 

3. I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie


The Lord of the Rings. A Song of Ice and Fire. The Wheel of Time. If you haven’t read at least one of these massive epics then you might as well turn in your nerd card right now. Unless you’re more into sci-fi, or the classics, or maybe you once read the entire dictionary just to say you did it. Whatever your pleasure, we can all agree that books are great, and that big books, well, they’re even better. 

2. Sorry Ladies… I Have Lab Tests to Run


Who says that nerds aren’t attractive? Look good while you’re doing interesting research and you’ll have geeky ladies coming at you from all directions. But science waits for no man, so send the unfortunate message to potential paramours that your academic duty calls. No need to worry – you’ll be back eventually, and with plenty of new graphs and data sets to show off. 

1. Talk Nerdy to Me


Once all that lab work is done and you’re ready for a night on the town it’s time to switch gears. Business is over, and that means it’s time for pleasure. “Tell me all about your favorite Dr. Who doctor,” you’ll whisper into the ear of that cute guy or girl at the bar. “What are your hopes for the new Star Wars trilogy?” you’ll ask in a tantalizing voice that sends a shiver down their spine. “Recap your latest Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Because baby, as the shirt says, I want you to talk nerdy to me.”

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